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OXO BREW 6 lb Precision Scale Review: Is It Worth It?

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OXO BREW 6 lb Precision Scale with Timer

✔ What We Liked

  • Built-in timer feature makes it easy for pour-over
  • Silicone mat that allows you to put hot items on the scale

✘ What We Didn't Like

  • High price compared to similar products
  • Scale was not extremely accurate so it's not ideal for espresso
  • Buttons were finicky and didn't register touch sometimes
  • Short battery life

The OXO Precision Coffee Scale with Timer is just an okay option for those who enjoy making pour-over coffee. However, the scale is finicky: it gave us different weight readings for the same items, and pressing the buttons on the scale occasionally disrupted the weight readings. These discrepancies in accuracy make it difficult for us to recommend this scale for people who make espresso or want maximum accuracy from their scale.

The scale also has a higher price point, especially compared to similar options that range from $10 to $30. Many lower-priced options also weigh in 0.1-gram increments and include a built-in timer.


We weighed a couple of different items on the OXO Precision Coffee Scale. The first was an apple. We took about 10 weight readings of the apple on the scale. The scale gave us different weights when we weighed the apple - its weight ranged from 154.4 grams to 154.7 grams.

The second item we measured was an empty measuring cup. The scale consistently gave us 280.5 or 280.6 grams for its weight over 10 weight readings. We believe the scale had a higher accuracy for the weight of the measuring cup because it has a flat bottom.

While the 0.3-gram difference in weight may not be an issue for many users, folks that need better accuracy or are making espresso may want to look elsewhere for a scale.

The other thing to note about this scale is that it’s sensitive. If you breathe heavily (we’re not joking!), it will disrupt the weight reading on the scale. When you press the touch display buttons on the front of the scale, this can disrupt the reading if you push them with too much force. It made us question if you can accurately tare the scale.

Sometimes, after we took items off the scale, it would display -0.5 grams for up to three or four seconds before zeroing out again. This is something to keep in mind if you’re looking for maximum accuracy and precision with your coffee scale.

Ease of Use and Value

We appreciate that this scale has a built-in timer. It’s a great feature for making pour-over coffee. As we mentioned earlier in the review, the touch buttons are particular. We thought we had started or stopped the timer on a few occasions only to realize that it hadn’t. Be mindful of that when you’re using the timer.

The scale has a few other quality-of-life features worth mentioning. It has an auto shutoff function, which engages after around five minutes of inactivity. This is great for preserving battery life, which seems to be an issue with this scale. Some reviewers on Amazon and the OXO website mentioned poor battery life, noting that daily use of this scale required changing the batteries up to once a month.

The other feature that we like is the silicone mat that can be placed on top of the scale. This can be used to place hot items on the scale or items that may scratch the scale.

Cost to buy $55.99
Weight range 0.5 grams to 2.72 kilograms (6 lbs)
Measurement types Grams, ounces, and pounds
Increments 0.1-gram increments
Power source 4 AAA batteries
Extra features
  • Auto shutoff
  • Silicone mat for placing hot items on the scale
  • Timer

Finally, the cost of this scale is high compared to other options on the market. Similar scales that offer 0.1-gram increments and built-in timers range from $15 to $35.

We don’t believe there is anything standout about this scale that justifies the higher-than-average price tag, except for the OXO brand name. And in this case, the brand name doesn’t dictate the quality of the scale.

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