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Jura 72229 Cup Warmer Review: A Slim, Functional Countertop Accessory

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Summary of Review

Jura 72229 Cup Warmer
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Jura 72229 Cup Warmer

✔ What We Liked

  • Ample space to store up to 10 espresso cups, eight normal-sized coffee cups, or 12 standard cappuccino cups
  • Ability to schedule automatic switch-on and switch-off (e.g., the cup warmer can run from 6 A.M. to 9 A.M. or whatever schedule you desire)
  • Keeps cups at a toasty 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius)
  • Slim design means it doesn’t take up space on the countertop

✘ What We Didn't Like

  • The machine cannot accommodate oversized coffee mugs in the drawers
  • Jura sells an add-on accessories drawer that is too expensive to justify its purchase

If you’re in the market for a cup warmer, this machine from Jura is a great option. While it is a bit pricey, it keeps cups toasty and has a large storage capacity. We think it’s an especially good option for those whose coffee or espresso machines don’t have warming trays or for those who use manual coffee makers, like pour-over or French press.

Keeping your coffee cups warm helps enhance the flavor of the coffee, so if you’re looking to up your at-home coffee game, this is a nice appliance that will help you do that.

We didn’t have too many qualms with the machine other than it can’t accommodate oversized coffee mugs in the drawers. You can still keep these mugs on top of the machine, they just won’t be as warm as the mugs inside. The other qualm is that Jura sells an accessories drawer for this appliance that we feel is overpriced for what it is. But the good news is that you don’t need to buy that to enjoy the cup warmer.

Finally, the machine has a small footprint, so it’s not another appliance that is going to take up a ton of valuable countertop space. If you have a Jura espresso machine, it will fit nicely next to it and match its style.


The Jura Cup Warmer has two drawers that can accommodate espresso cups, normal-sized coffee cups, and standard cappuccino cups (not oversized cappuccino cups). Each drawer can accommodate up to five espresso cups, four regular-sized coffee cups, or six cappuccino cups. The cups should be at most 3.5 inches in diameter and 4.3 inches tall. You can also use the top of the machine to store cups, but the cups will obviously not be as warm as the cups in the machine.

Capacity per drawer 5 espresso cups, 4 regular-sized coffee cups, or 6 standard cappuccino cups
Warming temperature 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius)
  • Soft close drawers
  • Passive warming area on top of the machine
  • Automatic shut-off after 12 hours
  • Ability to program a warming schedule; i.e., automatic switch-on and switch-off
  • Additional accessories drawer available for purchase (the accessories drawer does not warm)
User manual User manual

Because of these dimensions, this means that oversized coffee mugs will likely not fit. That said, we could fit some oversized Starbucks State Coffee Mugs by slightly forcing the drawers closed. Doing this over a long period may lead to extra wear and tear on the drawer components, so we wouldn’t recommend this as a long-term solution. We’d recommend instead keeping the oversized mugs on top of the machine.

We used this cup warmer over a few weeks in a household of four coffee drinkers, and we found that no one went without a warm mug. Even if you are a single or two-person coffee-drinking household, the small size of the machine doesn’t take up a lot of valuable counter real estate.

Features & Ease of Use

The machine is relatively simple, but it does have a few features worth mentioning. First of all, the machine keeps the cups inside the drawers at 131 degrees Fahrenheit, or 55 degrees Celsius. We liked this temperature as it kept the cups nice and toasty, without burning your hands.

The drawers have a soft close, which means they won’t slam shut but will gently glide close.

It has an automatic shutoff feature that will engage after 12 hours of continuous warming. What’s better than the automatic shutoff feature is that you can set up an automatic switch-on and switch-off schedule for the machine. Before you set up the schedule, you need to program the clock on the machine. The user manual explains in detail how to do this, but it’s very easy.

Picture of the Jura Cup Warmer next to a Breville Barista Pro espresso machine
The Jura Cup Warmer next to a Breville Barista Pro espresso machine.

After programming the clock, you can program the automatic switch-on time and then the automatic switch-off time. We programmed our machine to run from 6 A.M. until 10 A.M. so we could have our coffee first before then going about our day (pun intended!).

If you need to change the schedule, you can deactivate the current automatic schedule and reprogram it following the instructions in the manual.

Jura also sells an accessories drawer that can sit under the cup warmer, sort of like a storage drawer under a laundry machine. The accessories drawer does not warm like the cup warmer. It has two slots for storing spoons or other slim accessories.

The accessories drawer is rather pricey, in our opinion, so I’m not convinced of the value of having it. Ostensibly, you have drawers in your kitchen where you store spoons so I don’t see the need for this unless you have very special coffee and espresso spoons that you want to keep near your warmed coffee cups. Even then, that’s a stretch to justify having the accessories drawer.

Cleaning & Recycling

Because you’re not making coffee or grinding beans with this gadget, there shouldn’t be much to clean. If the machine gets dusty or you spill something on it, unplug it and wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth if you have one. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners on it.

Jura also sells microfiber cloths, but you can get microfiber cloths at many retailers, so there’s no need to buy their version.

When the machine has reached the end of its lifespan, you can recycle it through your municipality’s electronics recycling program as parts of the machine can be salvaged for other uses.

Size & Appearance

The machine measures 4.8 inches (12.2 centimeters) wide, 12 inches (30.6 centimeters) tall, and 13.7 inches (34.9 centimeters) deep. Its super slim profile is great if you don’t have a lot of countertop space. We didn’t use the machine in our New York apartment (but rather in a normal-sized kitchen), but given its slimness, we think it’s a good option if you have a small kitchen or coffee area.

As for its appearance, it looks like a black box on the countertop. It reminds me of an old-school computer tower (I was half-expecting to see a CD slot!). Jura doesn’t list what the machine is made of, but it appears to be plastic and metal components. If you have other Jura appliances, it will match the look and feel of those appliances.

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